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Automatically detect mobile, SEO and usability issues.

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The PageWatch tool is incredible. It actually out-performed a manual audit that a hired large agency did for one of my most recent sites.

Paul Hoft

Web Developer

At, we benefited a ton by PageWatch giving us timely alerts about spelling mistakes, CSS and website issues. Highly recommended.

Kaushik Thirthappa

We're a lot cheaper than having a broken site


$189 / month

For agile and QA teams.
  • 4000 Pages/Month
  • 500 Pages Per Scan
  • Daily/Weekly Testing
  • API Access


$29 / month

Peace of mind for your brand
  • 500 Pages/Month
  • 100 Pages Per Scan
  • Daily/Weekly Testing
  • API Access


$9 / month

Test your important pages
  • 125 Pages/Month
  • 25 Pages Per Scan
  • Weekly Testing

All plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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